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My experience with Lorin was great. He was straight to the point and advised me on what I can do to improve my credit history.


Thank you again for working with me this past few years. I appreciate everything you did to get me to this point and for that thank you! You’re awesome and great at what you do!


I’ve been working with Lorin for a few years. If your are researching for someone to help you repair your credit, I highly recommend Lorin. He has done exactly as he promised. Thanks again, Lorin!

Vetekina maile

Lorin with Aggressive credit repair helped me get my credit score from 524 to 750 and now I’m able to reap all the benefits of a great credit score!!! Thanks Lorin

Anthony Crain

Lorin worked with my creditors to remove inaccurate information and helped me understand how credit works and the ways to improve my score.

I highly recommend his service.

Sandi Mounteer

Lorin is awesome! He helped me out so much with getting alot off my credit and was amazing to work with he does everything in his power to make sure you are taken care of


There is no one more professional, dedicated and knowledgable to fix complex credit issues and errors than Lorin. I will recommend others without hesitation.


Aggressive credit repair is able to make it happen, even when there's not much to work with. I am amazed and grateful with the results. Lorin is incredible and great to work with. Always encouraging and keeping me informed. I highly recommend Lorin.

Chris Bergstrom

Lorin was helpful and more concerned with what’s best for me and my situation, than about making money. Rare. I definitely recommend Aggressive Credit Repair


Lorin has worked tenaciously over the last 2 years to repair my credit. Before I started with Aggressive Credit Repair my credit was in the gutter. Fortunately for me, another successful client of of Aggressive Credit Repair gave me Lorin’s contact info. Presently, my credit has vastly improved with just a small bump that I have to take care of on my end. I highly recommend Aggressive Credit Repair for anyone experiencing difficulties with their credit!

Pete Noto

Lorin came highly recommended to me by a friend who has had a long career in the mortgage industry. Over the past couple of year of working with Lorin I've been impressed with is professionalism and domain knowledge. If you seek to clean up your credit, or the credit of your clients, you will be hard pressed to find a better solution than Aggressive Credit Repair LLC.


Loring and his team helped us improve our credit to buy a house. I recommend starting soon and just going through the process. He is also very upfront and honest. He will let you know what are the chances of your credit score increasing or not. M wife and Iar very happy with the results.

Jeanneth Aguilar

Thank you Lorin!!! Thanks to your hard work, guidance and dedication I was able to purchase a home this year! Went from a mid 500’s to mid 700’s in less than a year!

barte hess


I was just looking over our most recent scores and needed to say thank you for helping us clear up old debt, and give us a chance to do much better.
Our scores were in the low 500’s and now the lowest is 692 with a high of 735.

You have been an instrumental part of this change, and thank you for helping us have a much improved life. You’re awesome.


Lauren and Aggressive credit repair have a great system in place that challenges, corrects and removes credit problems. I was very happy with the results. Lauren was great to work with and he kept me in the loop each month as changes took place. Highly recommended!

Horacio Montero

I started my credit repair journey in 2018. After working with Lorin I was able to buy my first house and car. Lorin goes over beyond to help you with your credit repair. When you have questions or need help he is there 24/7. If you are looking to fix your credit Lorin is the right person. I would highly recommend.

Jeff Garcia

Approximately 10 years ago we asked Lorin to help us repair our credit. He did a wonderful job and kept us informed throughout the whole process. We did get our credit on track and I have continued to receive his monthly emails and tips. Although we used his paid services before I have periodically reached out to Lorin with questions. He has responded and provided free advise and guidance. He truly wants to see people in a position of good or great financial standing. I would recommend Lorin to anyone who wants to get their financial life back or just need some advice on how to make smart choices in the future.

Ashley warren

He’s amazing he help me get my credit score up in 6 months i will refer him to anyone who’s trying to get their credit right! Thanks

Jennifer McClellan

I can't say enough good things about this guy. Within 6 months he helped raise our credit score over 100 points. He was able to get our scores up to the mid 700's and we were able to refinance our home. Our interest rate was cut in half. We went from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage, knocked 8 years off the loan and our payments stayed the same!
Honestly, just talk to the guy. It feels so good to just have the weight off your shoulders. To be free from the crap that's holding you back.

Dylan Hurley

Lorin@Agressive Credit Repair LLC is exceptional in getting your credit back on track and eliminating old history that hasnt been dropped. He is prompt and always on time and also teaches you how to keep good credit going for the future ahead. He is foreright in helping you out but you have to do your part. How fast you follow through on your end is how fast he will get what you need done, he is great and i have and will refer him to anyone i know that needs help with their credit! Thanks Lorin for your amazing knowledge and execution!

Abe croney

Aggressive credit repair did an amazing job restoring my credit after a bad divorce. He did it as quickly and efficiently as possible but don’t expect overnight perfection. But you can expect monthly improvement. I now have an 800 credit score that only took a couple years for him to get back.

Ryan Z.

After running into agencies that stated they repair credit, but most of the agencies want a substantial amount of money down and you didn’t know what you were getting. After months of researching and reviewing I came across Lorin Hanks with Aggressive Credit Repair and as many are, I was skeptical. I’m a Law Enforcement Officer and didn’t want to get taken advantage of or scammed. After our first telephone call, it seemed like I knew Mr. Hanks for years and trusted his services he presented. I took a leap of faith and decided to try it out. This business man is excellent at what he does and he is very straight forwarded with what to expect. Mr. Hanks after over a year of your service and hundreds of points on my Credit Score back I would like to recommend you on a national level to any and all individuals who are looking to repair their credit to improve their future. I appreciate your time and hard work, thanks again!

Ryan Z.

Stormy Henderson

Lorin & I have worked together for many years now in a professional setting. I am a realtor and have clients in various stages of credit repair. Lorin is ALWAYS the person I recommend to my clients. His services are second to none & he has always done the best job in order to get my clients in a home as quick as possible when credit is holding them back. He has helped my family members, friends ,& stranger I have met through my services. Thank you Lorin for caring about people like you do! You are making a difference!!!

Jose A Hernandez-Gil

Thanks to Lorin, my credit score went up by 133 points. And while that’s not typical, it’s still help me buy a house two years earlier than I had planned. The whole process was smooth, easy, and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. If you’re serious about cleaning up your credit report and raising your credit score, this is who you need to use. This is one of the most reputable and legitimate companies out there with personalized service.


My credit score improved almost 50 points in only five months. This got me to my desired score just in time to buy a house and qualify at a great rate. So happy we chose to work with Lorin. Would highly recommend.

Jake Kwame

Lorin is the absolute best to work with. He is very clear cut on what options are available for you and on all time lines for when things should happen, on top of being extremely knowledgeable. If you’re looking for someone to help you repair your credit, your search is over now. Lorin is the one you need to work with!


I cannot believe how much Lorin’s service helped my credit score! He is smart, knows the ins/outs of the credit business and helped get me back on track. He is friendly and professional. I looked forward to hearing from him and finding out how much my score had improved. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Derek Murray

Lorin was great at helping me repair my credit! I highly recommend him for his professionalism, quick response and knowledge. I cannot thank him enough.

Chris shipe

Great service lorin has done a wonderful job with repairing my credit


I cannot say enough good about Aggressive Credit Repair! I thought it was hopeless with my credit score in the 400’s. Fast forward not quite a year and I am almost sitting at 700! Lorin is very professional and personable. He personally calls monthly and stays in constant contact and is always willing to give advice and listen. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a credit boost. There is no reason to just live with bad credit when you can work with Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair.

Sheri Gaines

Lorin helped my husband and I in our efforts to improve our credit score. He handles all of the disputes, paperwork, and updates. Such a good company to work with. Definitely recommend to anyone!


Lorin is AMAZING!! I felt like i was stuck with my credit score. but he really helped me get back on track! And he never made me feel bad for my situation. My credit went up over 200 points! In just a year and 1/2. Lorin is very dedicated and takes your credit score personally. I would definitely recommend anyone who is serious about getting there credit score to improve. You will not regret it!!!

Brandon Kuykendall

If you want to achieve better credit with almost instantaneous customer service sign up with Aggressive Credit Repair! Lorin is about taking care of business and is respectfully stern about this process. If you’re willing to pay off your debts and achieve your credit goals Lorin will provide you with a great service that does just that. I climbed out of my credit score hole with his help and I’m playing the game smarter with instruction, tips, and tricks I learned from this program. Lorin has great advice and I don’t think I once waited longer than 1 hour for a response. I’m able to get low and affordable interest rates, great credit cards with tons of perks are available to me now, and last but not least I was approved for a mortgage not long into this program ( which was my goal ). The service was so great I decided to do stick it out and perfect my credit for two years longer after my goal was achieved. Take my word for it Lorin is not just your average run of the mill credit repair specialist. He goes above and beyond all expectations. Fix your credit with Aggressive Credit Repair you won’t be sorry.


Lorin was awesome! My credit score changed dramatically with his hard work and dedication to helping me! We are now in the loan approval process for a new home with a credit report I am not ashamed of!! Thank you, Lorin!!!


Thanks Lorin. It has been a pleasure working with you too. You, honestly, took my financial health from zero to hero. I am very, very appreciative.


Lorin was honest and took the time to explain what I needed to do free of charge. Highly recommended!

Arrikka Montgomery

Lorin is awesome. When I first started the program, my credit score was in the 300’s and now I’m in the 700 club and in the process of purchasing a home. He will keep it real with you throughout the program.


Lorin was easy to work with, accessible and honest. He produced real results. I wholly endorse and recommend his services to anyone trying to sort out their credit.

Zachary Bytheway

Lorin is the best! When I called Lorin desperate for help just over a year ago I had no idea how to repair my credit and I needed help. Since that call he has made it possible for me to get into my dream truck and also buy a 2nd commuter car all with no
co-signer and an amazing interest rate. If you need help repairing your credit do not hesitate! Lorin will do all the hard work needed to make your life easier. I couldn’t thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone needing the help.

James S.

Wish we would have started sooner. He really will not take you on if you are not ready to follow his program. Do what he says and he everything will move quicker. He fights everything ever month, not just a few each month like some companies. The last month there were 6 items removed from my credit report. In the end good credit takes time and patience. He is a good teacher to get you on the right path, however it is your choice to learn and keep walking the path or get lost again.

Jessie Anderson

I got with him thru a friend to get my credit right in order to purchase a home now I’m just waiting on a closing date thank you for everything

Tracy Willey

I am very impressed with Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair. He did a great job fixing my credit. I had been through a divorce quite a few years ago which resulted with some negative items on my credit. Lorin was able to get all of those removed.
During the process, which is easy to follow, Lorin always checked in and informed me on how things were moving along. I was always able to get ahold of him with any questions I had. Most of all he gets results!! I would HIGHLY recommend Aggressive Credit Repair! You won’t be disappointed.


I came across Aggressive Credit Repair in March 2019. My husband and I were trying your buy our first home. When the lenders first ran our credit we were in the mid to high 500s. After about three months of dispute letters to each bureau most old debt was removed which bumped our scores to the mid 600s. Lorin made sure to keep in constant contact during the whole process. All in all it took us about 7 months from first contact to the closing on our new home. Our lender was so impressed by how quickly we were able to raise our scores. If you are seriously looking at raising your credit score and willing to do the work, Aggressive Credit Repair is definitely the way to go! You’ll wish you started sooner!


Lorin has an excellent program. The price didn’t break the wallet, he is very quick to respond and most of all very knowledgeable. Overall I’d recommend him with 5 s. Everything was super convenient and very well worth every penny. Excellent program!!

Ed Perry

I had some strange problems with my credit and these guys were excellent help. I was given some free advice that also was great help. If you have credit problems, check these guys out. They aren’t after your money and do a half bunned job, you really get your money’s worth and satisfaction.

Ry C

I’m more than satisfied with Lorin and his services that he provides to get your credit on track. He’s very knowledgable, persistent, hard working, and always putting his clients first. If there are any questions or concerns he’s always very quick to respond, get it taken care of, anf answer any of your questions/concerns. His aggressive approach really works, and got my credit up about 100 points in 4 months. You definitely CANNOT beat his rates either! A good man, and I highly recommend if you’re reading this, and considering his program. Wish I knew of this program years ago!

Kevin W.

My experience with Lorin was better than I ever expected. He is honest and professional and never failed to follow-up with a call each month. He not only dramatically improved my credit but helped me understand how important it is to monitor my credit. A fantastic experience! Thanks Lorin!

Jennifer L Alexandra

Lorin is awesome! Even though I didn’t end up requiring his services, he provided a consultation and advice on the last bit of clean up I needed, free of charge. Instead of trying to pressure me into paying for a program I didn’t need, he was honest with me upfront! Wow, how refreshing… not to mention his communication and response time is impeccable. There really aren’t many small business owner provided services with personal attention like this anymore. I will for sure refer my friends and family to Lorin for credit repair support. Thank you!!!

Alan Black

Reviews seem to good to be true, but they’re not!!! Lorin is upfront and honest about your particular credit situation. He does not sugar coat and give false hope or empty promises. I was cautiously optimistic, but after a little over 2 months of working with him I am blown away by the results! I regret not following through early on in the year when I first came across Lorin and his program. I even partially filled out the paperwork but never followed through and he was great to work with me and get completely signed up the second time I approached him. Very grateful and finally hopeful with my financial future.

Justin Perez

I have next to perfect credit thanks to Aggressive Credit Repair. Would recommend 10 out of 10. Thank you Lorin for helping me out of the hole I was in.