Lorin’s Favorite Tradeline (LOC)

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The key to a strong score is at least one line of credit that’s been open for a long time. That is why credit cards are great for your credit. They are called a “revolving” account because you can keep them open forever. Unlike a card or even a mortgage which short term loans or refinanced. There are different kinds of credit cards. My favorite is the one connected to something you probably already have. Your checking account.

AKA “Overdraft Protection”

You can add a line of credit to your checking account (LOC). Sometimes referred to as overdraft protection. Virtually all LOC’s have a low interest rate and no fee. The best part. The bank will report this to the 3 credit bureaus. Same as a credit card (because technically it is a credit card). As long as you have a checking account, you may as well get positive payment history sent to the bureaus every month for free. Ask you bank how to apply.