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Walt Johnson

Lorin is amazing. This will sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I’ve never met a business professional that answers every call and handles the issue at hand immediately. Same with emails: lightning fast responses. (Maybe he’s human and has to return a call now and then, but I never experienced that.) He has done great things with my mother’s credit after it was impacted by fallout from “the great recession” starting in 2009. And my biggest issue was a UT State tax lien that was too hastily placed on my credit report (without properly notifying me, etc.). The State wouldn’t budge on helping me removing it, though I had quickly paid the amount in full as soon as I heard about it. Over the course of a few months Lorin was able to remove the State lien from my credit reports. I said “amazing” already, right? During the process I quickly learned that the credit bureaus and their reporting processes are terribly convoluted and complicated to deal with. Week in and week out Lorin kept hitting them with contest letters (whatever he calls them) until all the credit dings came off. His service is worth every penny. Thanks Lorin!