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samantha blaker

Thank You AGGRESSIVE! Lorin was AMAZING. He did what we couldn’t do, cleared all of the negative and false issues off of our credit. Everyone should pull their credit at least once a year. We had collection accounts that were not ours, paid accounts that didn’t show paid, etc. We went online and disputed, sent letters, contacted the companies…no results. I do not know if everyone realizes that ANY company can put a negative report on your credit without proof or documentation BUT you must PROVE that it is not yours. Lorin, was able to correct all of the false information and even clear off some legitimate negatives that were old. My husbands credit report jumped almost 200 points in less than 6 months, mine increased over 150. We purchased our home at $560K with just 3% down at a 30 year fixed of 3.375% with no PMI, SO… If you have tried to do it yourself or have paid for some other company but not had the results that you wanted…GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY, call Lorin