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Kim and Garry Poulton

My husband and I took a hard hit to our credit score after the recession. Accordingly, our credit score suffered greatly. An acquaintance told us about Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair. In researching this company, I admit to being a little turned off by the Gephardt seal of approval. I’ve been disappointed before by Gephardt’s referrals. But, we really needed help to get our credit score back in shape. We were paying higher interest rates and we were being turned down for anything resembling a loan. That had never happened before. It was devastating and, frankly, it was embarrassing. Lorin took us on about 2 1/2 years ago and I can say that the investment of time and money paid off far more than we ever expected! A lot of well meaning friends told us to find an agency that guaranteed a positive outcome, was “free” or was connected to a bank or credit union. Looking back, I wouldn’t have sought help from ANYONE else! Lorin knows what he’s doing and he knows it well! This is a relationship that requires a commitment from the client but it’s very minimal – Lorin does all of the heavy lifting. After 2 1/2 years, Lorin is putting the finishing touches on our account. Not only is our credit score back to the way it was, it’s better! I would have never imagined that! I will enthusiastically recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone for as long as Lorin stays in business. This time, Gephardt got it right!