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Elizabeth Buckel

Lorin has worked wonders on our credit score. About a year and half ago, we purchased 5 acres of land on contract with the hopes of some day building our dream home. After lots of research with various credit repair companies, we found Lorin. He was very too the point when we first talked with us. He didn’t sugar coat anything. We worked with him for approximately 11 months. He kept us in the loop through every step. He provide great education along the way. A couple weeks ago we went to our local bank to discuss our finance and to see how much mortgage we could afford. During that time, we showed the lender our current credit reports. He stated that at this point our scores are where they need to be and he didn’t see any issues on it that would prevent us from obtaining our loan. We should be breaking ground early 2016! Thank you Lorin for getting us where we needed to be and providing us key credit education!