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We were doing fine income & credit wise, however, my husband, a firefighter, had an incident at work that put him off for almost a year. Since this was a Worker’s Comp situation, he wasn’t allowed to pursue any job during this time. With 6 children, it didn’t take long to go through our savings and max out our credit cards. This was also the same time of the big mess in the housing market where everyone was looking for and being offered home loan modifications. We actually made several attempts to do this, which meant using precious funds to pay up front, only to have things not work out…in fact, one company even closed their doors and were gone. So frustrating. We contacted a lawyer who suggested we needed to get the attention of our mortgage company by declaring bankruptcy which we would later dismiss. It took doing this twice to finally get our home modified. When my husband finally returned to work, we swung for the fence and worked very hard to make arrangements with collectors, to catch up, and eventually pay off our past due debts. Sadly, even though we were able to pay off our debts, those 2 dismissed bankruptcies and all the dings to our credit report haunted us for a long time. We began trying to rebuild with a secured credit card, but it was going to be a long road.

One day we happened upon a review for Aggressive Credit Repair. We were intrigued because he was Gephardt Approved. After talking with Lorin, he patiently answered questions and assured us that he could help. He is diligent to his word, and each month we would watch our credit score get better and better. He cheered right along with us when bad things would disappear from our credit report. The final icing on the cake was when each dismissed bankruptcy was no longer there. This is not an overnight fix, but he was worth every penny we spent. Thank you, Lorin!!!