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Daniel Goulding

November 18, 2014 at 6:39 pm
Lorin is phenomenal to work with. I tried Credit Repair with another company and was really disappointed with the whole industry. We were getting ready to buy a new house and knew that I had to clean up my credit score, which was about 620, before I was going to do it. The best part about working with Lorin, is you get a person that calls you, emails you and gives you super simple next steps to do as well as expectations of what is going to happen, not just a computer system. At the end of the process, my credit score is now almost 780 and I got an incredible rate on my new home and decided to refinance my car since I have such a great credit score now and I got a great rate on that loan as well. If you are serious about paying off old debts and fixing your credit, Lorin is a no brainer!