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Bill Weber

Mr. Lorin Hanks is a honorable man….he is devoted to help you. I had credit problems stemming from my aggressive personality and eliminating all credit 6 years prior to contacting Aggressive Credit Repair. I wanted however to purchase a vehicle but refused to pay high interest. My credit score was in the low 500’s. Prior to contacting Mr. Hanks, I googled ways to improve my score. Along with Mr. Hanks recommendations and my research a strategy was developed. Once his plan and mine were in motion in 4 month my score rose to the very high end of the 700’s and I did purchase the vehicle I wanted. I can only assume with continued diligence my score can only improve more. Yes online information is easy to access but Mr. Lorin Hanks helped me put the pieces of the credit game together and eliminating its maze of confusion. Great getting to know you and thank you very much.