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My credit story may or may not be the norm. I was once a thriving individual with a truly perfect credit score. I was excelling in my life and loving the life I’d been working hard for throughout my 20s- but life isn’t always easy, and in 2014 at the age of 30, I found myself facing cancer and an adult onset of muscular dystrophy. By 2016, 2 years into my fight, I had found keeping-up with non-stop medical bills (and student loans) to be an overwhelming adventure, causing my credit score to fall. But caring about ones credit score often takes a back burner when one is possibly dying.

Fast forward to 2018, and I’m still alive, still fighting off matters of cancer, and finally ready to take back control over my credit. I was beyond humiliated that I had let things get so rocky (although my score was still in better shape than I’d imagined), and it took me a month to gain the courage to reach out to someone for help in repairing the damage. I was expecting to be shamed in the same way I was shaming myself.

I am forever thankful that I came across Aggressive Credit Repair. Lorin is truly amazing! He treated me with respect and empathy, two things I was struggling to feel for myself in regards to the matter. There was no shame, just support. Fast forward now to mid 2019, and my credit is now in the “good zone” across all three reports. Lorin is truly amazing and I can’t thank him enough for his work, as well as for just being a downright good person. Thank you with all my heart! If I ever find myself in a credit repair funk again, Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair would be the first person/company I’d call.